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Conde de Galbe, virrey de la Nueva Espana hizo el ano de 1693 don Carlos de Siguenza y Gongora, cosmografo del rey, nuestro senor y su catedratico jubilado de Matematicas de la Academia Mexicana.
Martin C, Galbe M, Wahlbom CF, Hahn-Hagerdal B, Jonsson LJ (2002) Ethanol production from enzymatic hydrolysates of sugarcane bagasse using recombinant xylose-utilising Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Commenting on the significance of the contract, Gerard Galbe, general manager of Alcatel's optical and wireless transmission activities in Taiwan, stated, "Alcatel provides a comprehensive product and service portfolio addressing mobile, fixed and non-carrier operators, which can be tailored according to customer requirements.
Blondet, * Miami April 2005 Beatriz Galbe Bronis, Miami Dec.
976 Galbe, Jose Luis, 324 Galliano, Ernesto, 476 Gallina, A.
The rhetoric typically generated by flowers is therefore extravagant, requiring 'efflorvescence et proconfusion' (24) and other such expanded anagrams ('Oh l'infatuation des helicoydogabalesques petulves', for example, suggesting, along with the notion of the rose's spiral form, coit, galbe, ballet, arabesque, petale, and vulve (p.
Red Cross worker Nina Galbe said: "At first there were four voices calling out from the rubble.
En ce qui les concerne, le galbe d'un outil pour gaucher etait par exemple completement inverse par rapport a celui d'une faucille fabriquee pour un droitier: lorsque l'on posait l'outil a plat sur une table, sa pointe etait relevee du seul cote d'utilisation, en plus du galbe qu'il accusait.
At the Hotel Split, a pricey communist creation where the telephones, TVs and elevators work only occasionally, a French NGO worker, Cedric Galbe, just back from Sarajevo, said the fighting was intense along the road.
Le mamelon peut point vers l'intAaAaAeA@rieur, alors qu'habituellement, il est dirige vers l'extAaAaAeA@ri Le sein peut se dAaAaAeA@former et perdre de son galbe, des rides peuve apparaitre.
Previous studies have shown that driving with the presence of drugs is a frequent occurrence (Barles, Escario, & Galbe, 2014; EMCDDA, 2007; Verstraete & Legrand, 2014), and the results should be analysed taking into account the different populations of drivers included in the study (general population, offenders, injured or killed drivers).