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CURRENT, merc. law. A term used to express present time; the current month; i.e. the present month. Price current, is the ordinary price at the time spoken of. A printed paper, containing such prices, is also called a price current.
     2. Current, in another sense, signifies that which is readily received; as, current money.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Although galvanic current measurements did not reveal the quantitative corrosion rate, it is possible to deduce the time of corrosion initiation through the time when the current increases sharply.
The galvanic current monitoring was conducted for up to 100 days and terminated where corrosion initiation was observed [12].
The adjusted value of 50 mA has been measured as 46.34 mA in galvanic current mode and it was proven that the deviation in the galvanic current mode was within the accepted limit value (12).
In addition, the presence of stress risers in the structure and the other metals in the structure tend to produce galvanic currents. The presence of a small scratch in an insulated coating can magnify the depth of the corrosion pit developing under the opening in the cladding.
"The next stage was called disincrustation which draws out impurities and softens blackheads using a galvanic current.
We do this by using specific gels and ampoules beneath the thermal clay mask which are then propelled into the deeper layers of the skin by the galvanic current.