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In a country where good looks are prized and admired, as well as equated with virtue and courage, the 'Gwapulis' gambit is a logical move.
The rise of the Orthodox Defense at the expense of the declining King's Gambit had been marked by the 1927 'match of the century'" between Capablanca and the Russian master Alexander Alekhine (1892-1946), chronicles Marano, "with 32 Queen's Gambits out of 34 games" (260 n20).
Sometimes, as in Go Down, Moses(1942), only tangential associations evince this aesthetic concern, (6) but chess is of direct relevance to "Knight's Gambit," the novella that closes Faulkner's collection of six detective stories, Knight's Gambit (1949).
Taxonomies could be useful to organize negotiation gambits, allow negotiators to recognize gambits being used on them, and to create a common language of taxonomies and gambits within and across negotiation teams.
Similar to a nursery rhyme, a taxonomy of negotiation gambits may help ease the burden on working memory in the long run (Willingham & Goedert, 2001).
Less cerebral than Ogive were Feld's two ironic premieres, Tongue and Groove, customized for guest artist Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Ludwig Gambits, yet another raucous ensemble ballet pitted against a symphonic score, this time by Beethoven.
Feld promises that there are no Mickey Mouse ears in Ludwig Gambits, even though the title of this season's fourth premiere recalls Wolfgang Strategies, made in 1992, in which the choreographer did incorporate Mickey Mouse ears.
You can lubricate the gambit with a conventional piece, like bundles $100 bills or a stuffed boa constrictor.