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Table 10: European next-generation handheld games console uptake, 2005-2010
Table 11: Japanese next-generation handheld games console uptake, 2005-2010
Figure 18: Global next-generation handheld games console uptake, 2005-2010
com/reports/c27840) has announced the addition of Next-Generation Video Games Consoles to their offering.
Learn what the next-generation of games consoles will offer to consumers, and which will prove most successful in what will be a competitive market.
Fully revised and completely updated, the Future Horizons Video Games Consoles & Handhelds Application Report (a section of the Semiconductor Applications Market Report) analyses in detail the global key market drivers covering historical data for the previous five years, together with a five year forecast to 2014 .
1 - Xbox360 & PlayStation 2 (PS2) Video Games Consoles
1 - Processor & Graphics Chips Existing In Video Games Consoles
In 2012, the global games consoles market is forecast to have a value of $24.
The global games consoles market grew by 18% in 2007 to reach a volume of 74 million units.
It covers Flat Panel TV, DVD Players and Recorders, Set-top boxes, DVRs, Games Consoles, Audio systems, Digital Cameras, Portable MP3, Media and Games players, Entertainment PCs and IP Cellphones.
With PowerVR, PCs will be able to surpass home games consoles in 3D graphics performance and realism providing the ideal partner for Namco PC games titles.