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Located in the Stanford Comprehensive Cancer Center, the new Cyberknife offers two important benefits to patients and physicians: younger, more wiggly children or infants can be anesthetized for short periods to keep them still during the procedure, and patients of all ages can undergo treatment without being locked into the large metal head frame required by other radiosurgery treatments, such as the Gamma Knife.
Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion allows for a dramatically increased treatable volume, which is estimated to increase the number of patients who can benefit from Gamma Knife surgery by up to 40 percent.
He has served more than 25 years as a consultant to Elekta, and assisted in the development of the Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion.
Seven centers are first in the nation to order Leksell Gamma Knife Icon(TM), which features the first integrated stereotactic cone beam CT imaging, online adaptive dose evaluation and planning enabling the most accurate delivery of frameless and frame-based treatments.
As a multidisciplinary neuro-oncology team at NKI-AVL we have been impressed by the superior dose distribution that can be achieved by Gamma Knife technology," says Prof.
However, lack of awareness about Gamma Knife treatment, negative perceptions of the radioactive elements and lack of trained professionals to operate these systems are expected to hamper market growth during the forecast period.
The Gamma Knife was invented in 1968 by Swedish neurosurgeon Lars Leksell.
1 -- color) Patient Claudette Sieger, 75, of Porter Ranch gets ready for her Gamma Knife treatment at Northridge Hospital Medical Center as her medical team monitors the procedure.
Although currently accepted as the first line of treatment for many of these problems, Gamma Knife radiosurgery is still limited to lesions that are less than 3 cm in the largest diameter and that produce no mass effect.
The Gamma Knife beams gamma radiation to dissolve tumors and lesions and other disorders in inaccessible areas of the brain.
Gamma Knife Perfexion maintains full clinical compatibility with the classic Gamma Knife and is supported by efficacy and outcome data from 600,000 treated patients worldwide and thousands of peer-reviewed scientific articles, making it a proven choice for radiosurgery of the brain.