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In a recent interview, he even suggested that gang bangers "are our warriors .
They discussed innovative solutions to the lack of affordable housing with a University of Maryland professor of architecture who developed a National Building Museum exhibit on low-cost solutions, and built a trail near the banks of the Anacostia River with the help of Jerome Scott, a would-be gang banger who found his salvation by helping rescue a dying ecosystem.
In this episode, built-in sound from the surveillance camera is able to pick up a name even after being shot out by the gang banger suspects.
You're dead whether you're killed by a gang banger or whether you're killed by a drunk driver,'' Bratton said during a Mothers Against Drunk Driving-sponsored charity golf tournament at the Braemar Country Club.
In response, Cerberus agents Joe Falk and Susan Koski must seek help from scientists, gang bangers, and the public to stop the next brutal terrorist attack on American soil.
Our dreams of seeing noble, educated, successful Latinos doing good things in the world are sidelined by sneaky maids, sleazy gang bangers, corrupt border cops, a teen dad and a loud, busty Columbian.
But while ICE's public-relations department is quick to advertise the numerous rapists, drug dealers, and gang bangers the agency nabs, it downplays the fact that many of the "criminal aliens" being detained are legal residents who at some point in the past committed only minor, nonviolent offenses.
The gunmen had approached the man in a car and asked where he was from - a code gang bangers say to find out what gangs others belong to.
The stores are perceived as a source of major problems in poor neighborhoods because they may be dilapidated and poorly lit, and some are a source of liquor for minors, a haven for illegal drug transactions and a hangout spot for gang bangers, Nashashibi explained.