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But the best moments came when the former gang banger paid tribute to those hip-hop stars no longer with us.
If not, the answer invariably will be, "I want to be a gang banger.
But many programs are struggling, and when money goes to compensate gang bangers or drug dealers, this leaves less in the pool for truly innocent victims.
A lot of the older guys, the old G's, older gang bangers, they were really the ones who were running things and they were even saying how they're trying to do more community based stuff.
Just about everybody in Back of the Yards' Holy Cross-Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish has friends or family in the Saints, the neighborhood gang, but only a small percentage of kids are hard-core gang bangers.
And some people would take it down to, well, gang bangers.
And, of course, nowhere in this proposal is there any suggestion as to how the government would extract the $65 fee from gang bangers and street thugs.
I've got plenty of gang bangers on my route, and one-on-one they're fantastic, but when they get together in the gang, well.