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Following the attack, the paramilitary force conducting a targeted operation in the area during operation gang war militants opened fire on rangers.
He said that a gang war member was also killed in the exchange of fire.
The accused was accomplice of Lyari Gang War Commander Noor Mohammad ails Baba Ladla and Rehman.
Police also arrested 2 accomplices of these three deceased gang war suspects.
According to the police, the slain father and son belonged to the Baba Ladla group of the Lyari gang war, while the murderers were from the Arshad Pappu group.
Initial police investigation shows the motive as a possible gang war,' he said.
The next life lost in this devastating gang war could prove to be the most harmful.
May 24: Gareth Hutch is blasted to death on Dublin's North Cumberland Street - the latest in the bloody gang war.
This ethnography of a gang war in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Oakwood, just blocks from the famed Venice Beach boardwalk, provides a rare eyewitness account of the urban violence pervasive in the recent history of the United States.
Detective Ross Bingley said he did not believe that it was the start of a gang war and added: "This is an isolated incident.
Flores joked that he was prized by his superiors during training because he had already been on the front lines of war - the gang war.
THE family of Liverpool gang war victim David Regan say they live in fear of being caught up in the violence.