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Police probing the gang war yesterday arrested eight people.
IN one of the worst prison gang wars, a jail inmate was shot dead while two others were beaten to death on Thursday evening, when two groups led by notorious criminals clashed over an old rivalry drawn on caste lines in Bikaner Central Jail.
The largest Pakistani city and economic hub has been facing militants' insurgency, gang wars, and kidnappings for ransom, extortion and terrorism for last many years.
Five people who were affiliated with the gang war were arrested by the police after an encounter.
City Of God, the 1992 masterpiece about bloody gang wars among children in the slums of Rio, remains one of the best films ever made.
The North Liverpool drug gang war has claimed two other lives -- Craig Barker, 19, and Michael Singleton, 18.
In the film, Hunter's Point rapper Hitman, who was murdered in 2003, makes a statement claiming that the gang war in HP now is no different than any other war fought by humans in the past.
Karachi -- Three gang war suspects were killed in encounter with police in Chanesar Goth area of Karachi on Monday.
KARACHI -- Three gang war accused were killed during targeted operation by Rangers and police in Lyari.
On the prolonged gang war between him and Dawood, Rajan said: " I'm not interested in this gang war anymore.
Sources privy to the matter told Daily Times that talks for a ceasefire to end the gang war were about to conclude, but the killings of Zikri's men have changed the scenario.
THE Sunday Mercury today reveals the bloody gang war that has forced police to put extra armed cops on the streets.