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GAOLER. The keeper of a gaol or prison, one who has the legal custody of the place where prisoners are kept.
     2. It is his duty to keep the prisoners in safe custody, and for this, purpose he may use all necessary force. 1 Hale, P. C. 601. But any oppression of a prisoner under a pretended necessity will be punished; for the prisoner, whether he be a debtor or a criminal, is entitled to the protection of the laws from oppression.

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In response, the gaoler refused to unlock her for the exercise period.
The gaoler managed to secure her in handcuffs and remove her to another cell, but she remained fractious for the remainder of the day.
She hid behind her cell door, and as the gaoler unlocked it, Kainoka rushed out.
The gaoler explained away his staff's ignorance of Webster's activities by confirming that she was particularly untruthful, troublesome, and was an "artist" at prison breaking.
35) Eliza Lestrange would not wash at the required times, and became very antagonistic towards the gaoler when he attempted to force her to comply.
The Jarvis Humby boys were largely responsible for roping in a musical legend in Graham Day to schedule the last night of the Gaolers European tour for Middlesbrough as Graham is producing the second album of the Teesside outfit.
The undead amp is also bad news for Graham Day, formerly of The Prisoners and now very much of the Gaolers.
Looking resplendent dressed like 19th century Napoleonic gaolers, the trio blast out the tunes with high flying vocal harmonies, lyrics about missing planes to Norway, The Most Expensive Sleep, Soundtrack To The Daily Grind.
com GRAHAM DAY AND THE GAOLERS, JARVIS HUMBY: Knights, M'bro Saturday, May 31 Entry: pounds 10