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The vapor volume fractions for N1 and N3 are almost identical at a gas density of 15 kg/[m.
In these areas of the lung, the flow is gas density independent.
This is believed to be caused by decreasing gas density and increasing gas viscosity with increasing temperature.
As expected, a higher breakdown voltage is needed to initiate an arc when the air is diluted, or with higher gas density in the vicinity of the spark plug [2].
Some full-scale standard room fire experiments at NIST indicated that McCaffrey's model (used by CFAST) gives the best agreement with the measured entrainment rates, although it does not account for the changing surrounding gas density (Dembsey et.
Summary of dimensional similitude based on reactor section Commercial Syncrude units, base conditions Gas Vaporized hydrocarbons and steam Temperature, [degrees]C 510~540 Pressure, kPa 360 Gas density, [[rho].
The difference in elevation resulted in a relative difference in gas density of 20 x [10.
By measuring small differences in the time delays of the pulsars' radio signals at different frequencies, the astronomers were able to estimate the gas density in the globular's core: about 1 atom per 10 cubic centimeters.
The heat losses are proportional to the net thermal conductivity of the gases in the vacuum system, which is proportional to gas density but also varies with gas composition.
bypass area, differential pressure) determines the capacity of the SCU, but also pipeline characteristics such as wall thickness, changes in diameter, coating type and gas density.
Moreover, the high gas density makes the conversion of cosmic rays into gamma rays around one order of magnitude more efficient.
If such a process actually unfolded at the Milky Way's center, however, the gas density would have to have been dramatically larger 5 million to 7 million years ago, when the stars were forming, than it is today.