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By far the largest contribution is from the final gas density, and this in turn is nearly completely traceable to the pressure measurement.
The uncertainties of gas density, volume, collection time, and inventory mass change provided in this Appendix have been combined in Sec.
The higher flow with heliox only applies to areas where the flow remains laminar, and in these areas the flow is dependent on gas density with higher flow rates in the heliox flow volume loops.
In these areas of the lung, the flow is gas density independent.
Chan and Knowlton (1984) found that the entrainment rate was linearly proportional to gas density in a pressurized fluidized bed.
This is believed to be caused by decreasing gas density and increasing gas viscosity with increasing temperature.
The gas density at the blower inlet remains still 0.
Having exact knowledge of the actual gas density and the actual gas permittivity is very important in order to eliminate distorting effects of uncertainty in the configuration data for the gas.
Above 300 barg, an average gas density exceeding 200 kg/m3 has been reported.
When the unit operated at this condition," added Rossi, "it reached what we believe to be the highest gas density any multi-stage centrifugal compressor has handled.