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As a result, the soil and buildings on the Welsbach and General Gas Mantle properties, as well as surrounding properties, were contaminated.
Part of the funds are being used to clean up the radioactively contaminated soil around the former General Gas Mantle facility, which has been designated for special attention as a brownfield project, with hopes that the cleanup will spur redevelopment of the area, EPA reports.
In our family we were lucky 'cos our dad was a glass blower by our dad was a glass-blower by trade and he would bring home loads of glass balls and different shaped bits and pieces for hanging off the gas mantles and nails in the walls.
The site is part of the Welsbach and General Gas Mantle superfund site in Camden County.
In the 1940s I lived in Catholic Street, there was only one gas mantle in the whole house, there was no electricity.
In 2001, EPA completed demolition of the former General Gas Mantle building in Camden.
The Victorians were especially keen on the idea until the introduction of the gas mantle towards the end of the 19th Century produced toxic fumes that caused interest in growing indoor plants to decline.
A gas mantle the only light, for mother to see the thread,
I also remember my mother lowering the gas mantle and making me and Ernie sit under the heavy cloth on the table," she adds of the time almost 100 years ago, when due to the war there were lighting restrictions.
22 on its plan to clean up radioactive contamination on the portion of the Welsbach/General Gas Mantle Superfund Site located in Gloucester City, N.