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In our family we were lucky 'cos our dad was a glass blower by our dad was a glass-blower by trade and he would bring home loads of glass balls and different shaped bits and pieces for hanging off the gas mantles and nails in the walls.
She said: "Most people still had gas mantles in their homes and so to see those electric lights was a wonderland of daylight at night.
Some of the many products featured on the Hard To Find Items website are replacement Christmas bulbs, cast iron drain covers, replacement gas mantles, heavy duty plant caddies and many other old time favorites and unique hardware items.
Other highlights: 1950 - Court 1 was built | 1962 - Gas mantles in the clubhouse were |replaced by electric lights 1984 - First female directors chosen | 1999 - Bats discovered nesting in the pavilion |eaves 2006 - Floodlights installed on |Courts 1 and 2
The carriage was originally fitted with gas lighting which is no longer allowed under current safety regulations - modern LED lamps have been fitted to give the appearance of gas mantles.
For those too young to know, spills were long thin pieces of light wood or rolled up paper, which were used to take a light from the fire to light pipes or cigarettes or gas mantles, and so people would keep a box of spills on the mantelpiece).
The gas mantles in the middle and at the bottom of the yards would begin to glimmer in the strange light, and halos of gold would appear around the tops of them.