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Long lines of cars snaked around local gas stations on May 9, 1979, the first day of gas rationing in California.
At home, 110,000 Japanese-Americans were being imprisoned in war camps, and sugar and gas rationing was getting under way.
After the war ended and gas rationing was eliminated, the terminal's use began to steadily decline to a rate of four to five million people traveling by rail per year.
Meanwhile, Britain could face gas rationing for the first time because reserves are dwindling fast while people keep the heating on during the cold snap.
ET] Motorists in 12 northern New Jersey counties with license plates ending in an even number will be able to buy gas on even-numbered days, and those with plates ending in an odd number can make gas purchases on odd-numbered days, says a gas rationing order issued by Gov.
The American sheeple are willing to give up First and Fourth amendment rights without a whimper, so I don't see any problem with imposing gas rationing.