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Economic analysis suggests that the almost inevitable result of gas price controls would be gas rationing -- and no one who knows the history of the gas lines of the 1970s wants a recurrence.
With gas rationing during WWII, Jim doesn't get to drive the car much.
He suggests at one point that gas rationing is an efficient and equitable way to curb car use--but does not elaborate on this dubious claim.
We had these inconveniences after World War II, along with gas rationing.
By the mid-1980s, the oil situation improved, the price of energy receded to pre-crisis levels, and people forgot all about gas rationing.
Evidence suggests that the insurance field first used the telephone as a sales tool during World War II when gas rationing forced insurance agents to use the phone in lieu of expending precious fuel on face-to-face visits.
The years following the 1979 gas crisis had been tough ones marked by long lines, gas rationing, and skyrocketing prices and tempers.
And gas rationing is at least as dead as leisure suits.