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The case sometimes stood thus: At every gate through which we were to pass, we saw a watchman --at every ferry a guard--on every bridge a sentinel-- and in every wood a patrol.
While we waited at the gate, I peeped in (even then Mr.
Then she, the Inkosazana, pointed with the rod of ivory to the gates of ivory; but still they stood before her, not moving.
So in through the gates trooped the whole gay company, Robin's men behaving as awkwardly and laughing and talking as noisily as the rest; while the Sheriff's scowling men-at-arms stood round about and sought to find one who looked like a forester, but without avail.
The eagle let go her hold; she did not succeed in taking it home to her little ones, and so will it be--with ourselves; even though by a mighty effort we break through the gates and wall of the Achaeans, and they give way before us, still we shall not return in good order by the way we came, but shall leave many a man behind us whom the Achaeans will do to death in defence of their ships.
The Guardian of the Gates found a pair that would just fit Dorothy and put them over her eyes.
However, about noon she paused by a gate on the edge of the basin in which Emminster and its Vicarage lay.
Mavra Kuzminichna opened the gate and an officer of eighteen, with the round face of a Rostov, entered the yard.
Even such world-old cities as ancient Aaanthor were as yet undreamed of when the races lived that built such gates as these.
There are more gates to the Gardens than one gate, but that is the one you go in at, and before you go in you speak to the lady with the balloons, who sits just outside.
The Army of Glinda the Good looked very grand and imposing when it assembled at daybreak before the palace gates.
There is no safe way," replied the black, "and even if we reach the gates we shall have to fight.