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s (NYSE: GWT) apparent intentions to phase out selling Gateway computers in OfficeMax stores.
Molina spent the past five years as Vice President of Human Resources at Gateway Computer Corporation, and prior to that was with Mobil Corporation and Marathon Oil.
com is a part of the agreement and will be placed on every Gateway computer produced during the next five years.
A new Gateway computer is the perfect surprise for the family on Christmas morning.
They join a list of investors that already includes Altos Venture, August Capital, Austin Venture, CNet CEO Halsey Minor and Gateway Computers CEO Ted Waitt.
Elsewhere in Paramus, the 10,000-square-foot space vacated in 2004 by Gateway Computers remains available, while 50,000 square feet is still on the market at the 446,800-square-foot Fashion Center.
Robotics -- a spinout from 3Com -- and before that served as senior vice president of Gateway Computers, where he was responsible for designing and leading the newly created Business-to-Business unit comprised of 2,500 employees and $3.
NYSE: GTW) to provide NOVA's small- to medium-sized business customers Gateway computers and electronic commerce support.
The space was formerly occupied by Gateway Computers and Desiron Furniture.
The Marketplace project doesn't include Borders, Circuit City and Gateway Computers.
The Gateway computers are pricier, though, selling for about $900.
Through a relationship with Gateway Computers, the school offers savings on a computer for its new students.

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