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Spring gauge pressure manometer might be used to differentiate GI from respiratory placement of feeding tubes in non-mechanically ventilated patients (Grade B)
In addition to gauge pressure, the large display also indicates when tip-seal replacement is needed, preventing damage to the full system and especially the turbomolecular pump.
When Process Cooling began using Setra products about a dozen years ago, they started with the Model 206 Gauge Pressure Transducer but soon moved to the Model 256 when it became available.
Setra Systems has added the Model 526 to its new line of CVD strain gauge pressure transducers.
Any change in the part's gauge pressure over time must be convened by calculations into a measure of leakage.
The wireless nodes can measure temperature, relatively humidity, kilowatt hours, CO2, AC voltage, amps, gauge pressure, and a variety of other parameters.
Monocrystalline Silicon Strain Gauge Pressure Sensors
Honeywell wireless transmitters are used for gauge pressure, absolute pressure, temperature, and ultrasonic noise applications.