Gave friend money to order glass, demanding return of money

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Country: Canada
State: British Columbia

This past summer I gave a"FRIEND" over $700.00 to order a custom cut piece of glass for a table my husband made. We originally had 2 quotes for $450.00 from other glass shops. This friend said since he had a carpentry business he could get it for us cheaper than that, with his discount. We agreed to let him. We have been waiting since August for the glass and recently he told us the glass was going to cost us $946.00 through the supplier he is using. We decided that price was outrageous and requested that he cancel the order. He recently told us he did cancel the glass but a restocking fee of 25% was being charged by the glass shop. We visited this shop and spoke with the owner who told us he charges no such fee, and that the order was never cancelled, that he had just recently spoken with our" friend" and asked him if he still wanted the glass, and he said yes. We requested from this friend that he return our money to us, he gave us a cheque for $350.00 and it bounced. He did eventualy give us cash for it but has refused to return the rest of our money, saying he needs to keep it until the glass arrives so he can pay the glass shop the penalty. I wish to know if I have any legal recourse with this person, should I choose to pursue this. I wish to go to the RCMP but do not wish to waste their time if this situation has no legal repercussions. Can you please tell me what my options are, if any? I do have documentation from my bank showing we paid him, and can prove the glass shop has no fee.


Based on what you say here, you could probably file suit gainst him (or at least threaten to do so) in small claims court or in regular court; filing in small claims court is easier and requires no could try to collect all of the costs and amages that you suffered due to his behavior...
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