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GAVEL. A tax, imposition or tribute; the same as gabel. (q. v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Before long, the sail-type reaper with wooden arms (sails) that raised and lowered as they revolved and both swept the grain onto the semi-circular platform and then swept the cut grain off into gavels, soon became the standard, at least for a few years until self-binders made reapers obsolete.
'Last year, art collectors bid for it at a gavel and block auction all the way to P330,000!
The novelty gavel was created by his sons, who inherited the family business after his death in 1843.
This public speaking contest which brought together 34 Gavel clubs represented by 272 Gaveliers showcased the public speaking talents of the young members.
Present at the ceremony was Royal Gavel Club director Farkhanda Syed, co-ordinator Akbarsha Nagoorkan, members, children and parents.
His novels include Pinned, Stains on The Gavel, The Boy in the Bin and The Red Road to Hades.
GAVS is listed for its Big-Data-based predictive operational analytics platform GAVel that leverages Smart-Machine-based services for IT operational automation in the IT infrastructure space.
"I have always dreamed of bringing my gavel down on a PS1million lot.
NEW JERSEY SPEAKER VINCENT PRIETO (D) is wielding the gavel for a second term.
If it's worth quite a lot of money, then it's possible you might end up in the auction room under the gavel.
The sequel to "A Kentucky True Crime", "Stains on the Gavel" is the second novel of author Charles W.
ISM Gavel Club function held Muscat: The Installation Ceremony for the ISM Gavel Club Officers was held recently.