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Two, we wanted those of you who are straight to have a better understanding of what gay girls go through as they figure out who they truly are.
In the documentary A Gay Girl in Damascus: The Amina Profile, filmmaker Sophie Deraspe teams up with Bagaria to unravel the twisted series of events in this strange saga.
The LezGetReal blogger's identity began to be questioned last week as doubts over the Gay Girl in Damascus blog intensified.
Although she has not yet verified that it was indeed MacMaster, Henry wrote, "I tried to persuade the Amina-blogger, who was emailing me, to step forward and make a public statement on the Gay Girl in Damascus blog, at the least to assure readers that she was not in police custody.
Damascus, June 13 (ANI): The true identity of a Syrian blogger of 'A Gay Girl in Damascus' fame has been revealed as a 40-year-old American man.
The Syrian-American blogger known as "A Gay Girl in Damascus" was arrested.
For a gay girl raised in repressive backwoods poverty who found escape and elation through rock 'n' funk 'n' roll, this must all seem beyond her wildest dreams.
The problem is that I am a gay girl and I don't know if she is gay.
Once I came out, I quickly went from the Shy Girl to the Gay Girl, and bullies had a lot more ammunition with my new title.
s Guardian followed the musings of Amina Arraf, the Syrian-American writer behind the blog A Gay Girl in Damascus.
A gay girl in Damascus who writes in perfectly good English?