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Product/Service/Works Keywords: Gea-bgr make geared motor drive for plant water system as per tender.
Like its industry leading, 1E4 Asepticdrive[TM], the stainless steel modular geared motor from Bauer is designed with surfaces which slope by at least 3[degrees] to prevent the formation of dirt deposits and allow the run-off of cleaning agents and water.
Siemens' Industry Sector's Drive Technologies Division has announced it will be presenting at Hannover Messe 2013 from April 8 to 12 its improved Arpex couplings and its extended Simogear range of geared motors.
Tenders are invited for Helical Geared Motor To Ic Bauer Model No:Bg60-11/D13la6 Of M/S.
Many of the applications that were traditionally best suited for a gearbox and geared motor are now best carried out by a variable speed drive with an electric motor.
Tenders are invited for Bonfiglioli Make Geared Motor
geared motor with IP66/67 protection level and torques up to 5 Nm has been designed for particularly heavy duty applications in the food sector.
The anticipated expansion of the packaged food industry, with the modernisation and diversification of existing factories across Europe, will provide growth opportunities for gearbox and geared motor manufacturers", says Mr.
The BSE is a small brushless geared motor with one or two stage planetary reduction units.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Geared Motor For Boiler Hammer
The machine employs the high-torque, high efficiency and long-life benefits of Lenze's GKS geared motor technology.
Tenders are invited for Purchase Of Stores such as:Foot mounted geared Motor etc,Axle oil medium to IS:1628-1986,Jersey pullover woolen Y neck khaki shade with two buttons etc, Dewatering and Orotective fluids etc,Brush Flat for paint and varnish, size 75mm etc,Brush Flat for paint and varnish, size 75mm etc,Cam shaft Gear for WDM2 and YDM 4 Locos etc,Exhaust manifold sub assembly pipe unit etc