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In her backyard and other areas, "The Geiger counter starts going beep, beep, beep, beep," she said.
The Geiger counter tests for radiation and the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) reader monitors different types of energy.
Using an Arduino microcomputer, Libelium, a Spanish company that makes communications hardware, designed a Geiger counter that can be built and tested by home hobbyists (or bought preassembled).
Later Peterson documented evidence of DU in Baghdad after the 2003 war, checking "hot spots" around battle debris with a Geiger counter.
I remember folding white sheets next to a Geiger counter.
hear your teeth chatter like a Geiger counter and see the lesions
Some of the things you and your kids will see at the expo include a traveling exhibition from the American Museum of Natural History that explains the evolution and subsequent extinction of the giant dinosaurs, a look at how to use a Geiger counter to check for the presence of radioactive materials at the American Nuclear Society exhibit, a discussion of living cells--what they are and how they work--at the American Society for Cell Biology display, a visit to the Ames Laboratory exhibit to see how scientists are extracting oil from algae, an interactive experience with robots playing soccer at the Bowdoin College arena, and many more.
This guy came in with a Geiger counter and started going through all the rooms.
There's a radiation kit with a Geiger counter, shelves of haz-mat suits in black gym bags, plus a collection of white vests with job titles in big black letters.
If even one atom of the radioactive substance decays, the Geiger counter spills the poison, and the cat is dead.
Worrying, but easier to hide from your partner than a love bite, unless she's got a Geiger counter.
The farther he went from the plant, the higher the radiation readings chemist Chauncy Kepford got on his Geiger counter.