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GELD, old Eng. law. It signifies a fine or compensation for an offence; also, rent, money or tribute.

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announced it obtained a non-exclusive license from Incyte Genomics (Nasdaq: INCY) to manufacture and sell amplification kits for research use under patents directed to the RNA amplification procedure developed by Van Gelder, Eberwine and colleagues.
Iain Wood beat Cheek and Gelder, Rob Reed also chipping in with a victory over Gelder.
van Gelder, professor of cardiology at the University of Groningen (the Netherlands).
Van Gelder was Director of Strategy and Operations for Equitable Growth in the World Bank Finance and Institutions Practice Group, covering Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management, Finance and Markets, Trade and Competitiveness, Poverty and Equity, and Governance Global Practices.
Mr Gelder, who arrived at Grace Academy Coventry last summer having already effected big improvements at Grace Academy Solihull and has been the driving force behind sharp improvements in teaching and pupils' attainment, said: "We offer a clear and explicit support programme for all students and this extends to parents and carers.
In the classical Arabic literary tradition the aural aspects of poetry were to a large extent defined by poetic meter and rhyme, and in two extensive chapters Van Gelder offers a detailed investigation into how both functioned in classical Arabic poetry.
Gelder was seen to take a running kick at his head and used a chair leg to hit him repeatedly.
The school, in Chapelhouse Lane, Chelmsley Wood, has now announced that Darren Gelder will take over as the new principal.
New bride Grace Gelder should be able to answer that since she recently vowed to have and to hold herself until death do her part in a delightful country wedding in front of 50 friends.
Introducing material from about 50 colonial journals, Gelder and Weaver argue that colonial journals had an important role in the development of Australian literary culture, from the early nineteenth century--through the Federation and beyond--lasting at least until the beginning of World War I, when the book ends.
Playing with themes of belonging and belief, Gelder examines the interplay of capitalism and religion in 1980s America.
pages 3 and 10, at the beginning of the articles by Dana Robert and Craig Van Gelder.