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GELD, old Eng. law. It signifies a fine or compensation for an offence; also, rent, money or tribute.

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Overall, with the help of the booming oil sector, the country has managed to stabilize its internal economic turmoil, left after the dissolution of the Soviet Union and achieve significant economic growth (Zimnitskaya and Von Geldern 2010, p.
Von Geldern, 7; "One suspects that those who thought up the celebrations were consciously trying to create alternatives to church holidays.
More recently, a description of the Berlin manuscript was part of an attachment in Monika Costard, Spatmittelalterliche Frauenfrommigkeit am Niederrhein: Geschichte, Spiritualitat und Handschriften der Schwesternhauser in Geldern und Sonsbeck (Tubingen, Germany: Mohr Siebeck, 2011), 346-353.
95) James yon Geldern, "Radio Moscow: The Voice from the Center," in Culture and Entertainment in Wartime Russia, ed.
According to James Van Geldern, the revival of heroic ideas traditionally associated with territorial expansion would result in a welcome upsurge of confidence.
Now 51, Van Geldern is among the five percent who say they have seen a monster in the closet - or in his case, a monster's face he spotted on the wall of his room as a child.
GELDERN, GERMANY -- Ruwel AG said it will petition for insolvency for its Ruwel Denmark MS facility in Nykobing.
Contrary to MacFadyen's portrayals of the field, though, numerous scholars of Soviet culture, such as Richard Stites, Katerina Clark, James von Geldern, and others, have been making similar arguments for at least a decade.
Para Peira van Geldern, un poeta es "un pobre diablo que hace versos por unas monedas y siempre muere en el asilo".