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GENDER. That which designates the sexes.
     2. As a general rule, when the masculine is used it includes the feminine, as, man (q. v.) sometimes includes women. This is the general rule, unless a contrary intention appears. But in penal statutes, which must be construed strictly, when the masculine is used and not the feminine, the latter is not in general included. 3 C. & P. 225. An instance to the contrary, however, may be found in the construction, 25 Ed. III, st. 5, c. 2, Sec. 1, which declares it to be high treason, "When a man doth compass or imagine the death of our lord the king," &c. These words, "our lord the king," have been construed to include a queen regnant. 2 Inst. 7, 8, 9; H. P. C. 12; 1 Hawk. P. C. c. 17; Bac. Ab. Treason, D.
     3. Pothier says that the masculine often includes the feminine, but the feminine never includes the masculine; that according to this rule if a man were to bequeath to another all his horses, his mares would pass by the legacy; but if he were to give all his mares, the horses would not be included. Poth. Introd. au titre 16, des Testaments et Donations Testamentaires, n. 170; 3 Brev. R. 9. In the Louisiana code in the French language, it is provided that the word fils, sons, comprehends filles, daughters. Art. 3522, n. 1. Vide Ayl. Pand. 57; 4 Car. & Payne, 216; S. C. 19 Engl. Com. Law R. 351; Barr. on the Stat. 216, note; Feme; Feme covert; Feminine; Male; Man; Sex; Women; Worthiest of blood.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois is a welcoming organization that serves people of all faiths, races, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender expressions and gender-identifications.
It is pivotal that medical providers understand that a person's sex assigned at birth, gender identity, gender expression, sexuality, sexual practice, and romantic attraction can vary widely along a spectrum in each distinct category.
* The frequency of verbal harassment based on gender expression increased the last two years, and there were no improvements in reports of physical harassment and assault based on gender expression during the same time frame.
As health care providers, we need to continue to ask patients and families about gender identity and be aware of gender expression. When youth present as GNC, we should recognize that they may be at increased risk and, in addition to assessing overall mental health and risk for substance use, also assess for degree of social/familial support and potential stressors.
There is also increasing evidence that immune-mediated mechanisms might also influence sexual differentiation and sexually differentiated traits such as partner preference and gender expression (e.g., Bogaert & Skorska, 2011; Bogaert et al., 2018; McCarthy, Nugent, & Lenz, 2017).
Conversion therapy is treatment intended to change the sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression of LGBT people.
This year's theme, MyActionsMatter, is a call to action that asks everyone to take concrete steps to question, call out, and speak up against acts of gender-based violence, which involves the use and abuse of power and control over another person and is perpetrated against someone based on their gender identity, gender expression on perceived gender.
Bill C-16 was by passed the Canadian Senate on June 15.As a result, the Canadian Human Rights Act will soon be amended to add gender identity and gender expression to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination.
"Sparkle Boy" is a sweet, heartwarming story about acceptance, respect, and the freedom to be yourself in a world where any gender expression should be celebrated.
"This enactment amends the Canadian Human Rights Act to add gender identity and gender expression to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination," the bill reads.
He describes core concepts like sex, gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation, as well as key vocabulary; gender variance and gender diversity among children and adolescents, including historical responses and theoretical and clinical approaches; gender diversity and gender dysphoria; disclosing transgender identity and social transition; medical transition; the emergence of transgender identity in adolescence; dynamics affecting parents and caregivers; complex work with families; issues in schools; advanced clinical interventions; questions related to helping youth prepare for work or college; and the role and responsibilities of mental health providers.

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