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Gene sequences from over 1,200 different tissue libraries, representing over 90% of the genes in the human genome.
The PR gene sequence was identified in the serum of the person with reactivity to only the p 17 gag band by WB, which suggests that this person was recently infected and that antibodies to all the HIV-1 antigens had not yet developed.
To understand the molecular epidemiology of DENV-3 in Cuba, and particularly to determine whether the 2000 and 2001 outbreaks were caused by the same viral genotype, the complete envelope (E) gene sequences of isolates from both outbreaks were determined.
As evidenced by sequences available in the GenBank database, most of the 16S rRNA gene sequences are from cloned DNA from complex flora but not from bacterial isolates.
Further examination of all available 3D polymerase gene sequences (390 nt, subgenotype B3 nucleotide position 6696-7085) of all human enterovirus A (HEV-A) associated with HFMD (12), CV-A5, CV-A10, CV-A16, and HEV71, showed that subgenotype B3 isolates SHA63 and SHA66 had consistently higher nucleotide sequences similarity to CVA-16 (86%) than to all other HEV71 (75%-81%) and HEV-A (76% 78%) (online Appendix 2 Table available from http://www.
Central to the instrument's design is a processor permitting rare mutant detection in 10,000 gene sequences simultaneously.
In producing knock-out models, a color or fluorescent marker is substituted in place of the actual gene sequence, allowing for high-resolution visualization of precisely where the gene is active in the body, during normal body functioning, as well as in disease processes.
Any length of sequence can be queried, enabling the variants to be quickly identified from a whole or partial gene sequence.
For instance, from a carefully designed artificial gene sequence, Tirrell has successfully synthesized a layered crystal made up of stacked beta sheets.
The Sicilian ompA gene sequence described in this study has been deposited in the GenBank database (accession no.
They can synthesize these in the laboratory, assembling sequences of single-stranded DNA complementary to a gene sequence they want to suppress.