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GENEALOGY. The summary history or table of a house or family, showing how the persons there named are connected together.
     2. It is founded on the idea of a lineage or family. Persons descended from the common father constitute a family. Under the idea of degrees is noted the nearness or remoteness, of relationship, in which one person stands with respect to another. A series of several persons, descended from a common progenitor, is called a line. (q. v.) Children stand to each other in the relation either of full blood or half blood, according as they are descended from the same parents, or have only one parent in common. For illustrating descent and relationship, genealogical tables are constructed, the order of which depends on the end in view. In tables, the object of which is to show all the individuals embraced in a family, it is usual to begin with the oldest progenitor, and to put all the persons of the male or female sex in descending, and then in collateral lines. Other tables exhibit the ancestors of a particular person in ascending lines both on the father's and mother's side. In this way 4, 8, 16, 32- &c. ancestors are exhibited, doubling at every degree. Some tables are constructed in the form of a tree, after the. model of canonical law, (arbor consanguinitatis,) in which the progenitor is placed beneath, as if for the root or stem. Vide Branch; Line.

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The bid document outlined a Museum of Geneology to provide a "roots" trail for 40m Americans who can trace family links to leaving for the New World from Liverpool.
Further, a "mapped" geneology based on secondary data and documents would identify the linkages and connections between and amongst firms such as formal technology transfers and the movement of personnel.
However, the spatio-temporal organization of Blind's panorama-which encompasses Greece, Italy, and "old Egypt's desert"--also retraces an imperial geneology from present to past, West to East, inverting the conventional plot of western civilization she herself had presented in The Ascent of Man, her Darwinian epic (1889).
To deny this would be to repeat the "error" of positivism, since "[t]he claim that there is no overall or larger-scale sense to be made of the past is itself a larger-scale claim, and it has to be earned, like any of the others" (Bernard Williams, Truth & Truthfulness: Essays in Geneology (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2002) at 246).
Loughlin, "Syracuse Newspapers and the Anti-Slavery Question, 1840-1860," unpublished paper (Onondaga County Public Library, Local History and Geneology Department), 4.
They work with preservation and restoration of metis history, culture, geneology and metis specific crafter outlets.
It gives a guide to geneology and heraldry, and is a world-recognised volume used by the upper-class and royals to trace their family tree.
The geneology website will target 40 million people of Scots descent across the globe, with an emphasis on New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, the USA and Australia.
Savagery and civilisation: towards a geneology of racism in Australian society.
Well Wired magazine reports that a firm called Geneology.
In the area of the de-ideologizing -- and thus privatization -- of history, each one strives to create his own past, his own geneology, his own homeland; and as a result it is increasingly rare that the solitary hero finds his identity through linking his own biography with the great collective narrative.
In fact, when he had to do a geneology project for school, he called on Grandma.