General Medical Council

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General Medical Council (GMC)

the UK body that regulates doctors to protect patients. It has a Scottish affairs office called GMCScotland. The Council at the time of writing had 35 members: 19 doctors elected by the doctors on the register; 14 members of the public appointed by the Privy Council and 2 academics appointed by educational bodies - the universities and medical royal colleges. It has four main statutory functions: keeping the register of qualified medical practitioners; fostering good medical practice; promoting high standards of education; and prosecuting and punishing rogue doctors. It is its prosecution function that is best known. There is an appeal to the Privy Council.
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The General Medical Council took action against several Warwickshire GPs last year.
A spokeswoman for the General Medical Council said: "The doctor can practise at the moment but he has just got this condition that he cannot do any child protection work, but if the panel decide to lift the condition he will have full registration which means he could do child protection work."
Around 1,300 foreign physicians are licensed each year by the General Medical Council after passing an exam which assesses clinical and language skills.
Katherine Murphy, chief executive of the Patients Association, said the General Medical Council and NHS trusts had a duty to rigorously check the doctors they registered or employed in order to protect patients.
Parag Bhatt faces being struck off by the General Medical Council on charges of serious misconduct after it was revealed that he fondled the breasts of six patients and groped others over a five-month period while working as a GP in Rotherham.
He was the first patient of the day and his medical notes made it "perfectly clear" what the operation should be Dr Al Hourani was found guilty of misconduct by a General Medical Council (GMC) fitness to practise panel in his absence after he returned to his homeland of Jordan and refused to engage in the proceedings.
TEESSIDE doctors must now hold a licence to practise medicine as a result of changes introduced by the General Medical Council (GMC), which take effect this week.
A Birmingham doctor accused of falsely claiming a wage for his wife as his practice manager has been cleared of all allegations in a misconduct hearing by the General Medical Council.
Dr Iain Kerr, 61, was banned from practising for six months in July after the General Medical Council ruled that he prescribed the pills to his 87-year-old patient "solely for the purpose of ending her life".
Shankar Nanjappa Kashyap, a trauma and orthopaedic specialist at Gateshead's Queen Elizabeth Hospital, could be struck off by the General Medical Council panel, which resumed its hearing yesterday.
A General Medical Council panel ruled Husien "repeatedly failed to provide an acceptable level of care to patients" at Trafford General Hospital, Manchester.