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General Term

A sitting of the court en banc, with the participation of the entire membership of the court rather than the regular quorum. A phrase used in some jurisdictions to signify the ordinary session of a court during which the trial determination of actions occur.

General term is distinguishable from special term, in that the latter entails the hearing of motions, which are applications for court orders, arguments, the disposition of various types of formal business, or the trial of a special list or class of cases.

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The teaching of the Sophists is confessedly inadequate, and Meno, who is their pupil, is ignorant of the very nature of general terms. He can only produce out of their armoury the sophism, 'that you can neither enquire into what you know nor into what you do not know;' to which Socrates replies by his theory of reminiscence.
They merely express, in general terms, actual relations springing from an existing class struggle, from a historical movement going on under our very eyes.
He confirmed the doctors' interpretation of the law in general terms only; expressed his intention of waiting at the cottage in the hope that a change for the better might yet enable Mrs.
It were difficult to describe the shape or colours of this extraordinary substance, except to say, in general terms, that it was nearly spherical, and exhibited all the hues of the rainbow, intermingled without reference to harmony, and without any very ostensible design.
That this is the sense and arguing of the author will further appear by his answering the question he in another place puts: 'Since all things that exist are only particulars, how come we by general terms?' His answer is: 'Words become general by being made the signs of general ideas.' ("Essay on Human Understanding," Bk.
It is sufficient to add in general terms, that he did the best he could for Mr.
Gliddon, and, in a peremptory tone, demanded in general terms what we all meant.
* using the general equation of a straight line (y = mx + c) or quadratic curve (y = a[x.sup.2] + bx + c) to represent the general term.
dgn), he says that it is unknown whether Dagon was so named because it was shaped like a fish or because the word is a general term for idol.
Salmon's evidence for his view that the expression is a non-rigid general term is based on its behaviour in the first two premises of the following argument (that I will call "Argument (A)"):
Managing director Russell Lawson, said: "Innovation is a much-used term, but all too often it is simply being applied as a general term encompassing any change that is being implemented by an organisation.
We are separate and distinct people in the country when it comes to Indian-status people." However, Doucette told the CBC that the change is "a broader, general term and inclusive." John Duncan will resume his position as minister of the renamed department.

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