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GENERAL ISSUE, pleading. A plea which traverses or denies at once the whole indictment or declaration, without offering any special matter, to evade it. It is called the general issue, because, by importing an absolute and general denial of what is alleged in the indictment or declaration, it amounts at once to an issue. 2 Bl. Com. 305.
     2. The general issue in criminal cases, is, not guilty. In civil cases, the general issues are almost as various as the forms of action; in assumpsit, the general issue is non-assumpsit; in debt, nil debet; in detinue, non detinet; in trespass, non cul. or not guilty; in replevin, non cevit, &c.
     3. Any matter going to show that a deed or contract, or other instrument is void, may be given in evidence under the general issue; 10 Mass. 267, 274; 14 Pick. 303, 305; such as usury. 2 Mass. 540; 12 Mass. 26; 15 Mass. 48, 54. See 4 N. Hamp. R. 40; 2 Wend. 246; 6 Mass. 460; 10 Mass. 281. But a right to give evidence under the general issue, any matter which would avail under a special plea does not extend to matters in abatement. 9 Mass. 366: 14 Mass. 273; Gould on Pl. c. 4, pt. 1, Sec. 9, et seq.; Special Issue.

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Salam also met with Deputy Bahiya Hariri with talks reportedly featuring high on general issues and domestic developments.
A Presidential statement said that Masum and Saleh discussed, today, the general issues in Iraq and the Kurdistan region and ways to confront the challenges facing the political process.
Niyazaliyeva received about 40 citizens, who made an appointment to address both personal and general issues.
During the meeting, they discussed general issues related to their respective countries.
New Delhi, May 11 ( ANI ): Joint General Secretary of the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS), Dattatreya Hosabale, said here today that the meeting between RSS and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), after the end of election campaigning was devoted to discussion of general issues.
These are general issues that need discussions at the beginning in order to follow them up," said Zarif.
A BJP leader said the general issues prevailing across the country like inflation and corruption will play crucial role in this year's Delhi Assembly elections.
According to Professor Dimitar Mircev, this indicates that politicians have no detailed local programs and they find it more easily to discuss general issues, such as the name issue.
The meetings revolved around general issues and did not address specific topics or concerns.
Dawood, an emergency medicine nurse in the UK who is joined by other UK emergency medicine nurse practitioners, presents a handbook for nurses, junior doctors, general practitioners, and other emergency medicine practitioners that covers general issues in emergency medicine like prescribing, radiation regulations, documentation, police statements, and pediatric considerations, then instructions for history, examination, and management of specific musculoskeletal, skin, ophthalmology, and primary care conditions and injuries seen in the emergency department.
In addition, the parliament held a general discussion on some general issues in the framework of its supervisory duties, and postponed the discussion of its draft agenda for this period to the next meeting.
Nafie explained that the discussions on the national and general issues, between the two parties, will continue, adding that more explanations will be released following the imminent meeting between the President of the Republic, Chairman of the National Congress and the leader of Umma Party, Saddig Al-Mahdi.

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