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The third category also includes measures to protect the lives and assets of Japanese people such as creation of bomb shelters, designation of evacuation routes, medical support for injured evacuees, and establishment of voluntary neighborhood groups similar to ''tonari-gumi'' units for general mobilization organized in Japan during World War II.
Once it became clear that the sound wafting through the window of the concert-less concert hall was indeed the voice of Mother Earth crying murder, the concert would have to be canceled -- not canceled in favor of some more prophetic or political performance, something that would necessarily keep the artists employed as artists, but canceled in favor of direct, urgent action -- a general mobilization as in wartime with guarantees for nobody.
Al Anbaa' says authorities in Sudan's eastern Kassala state have ordered a general mobilization to confront an expected Eritrean offensive.
These were two significants which, single-handedly, dismissed the reserves, omitted any plan for the general mobilization of home defence forces in the event of a national emergency, and phased out the tank because it was "not compatible with Canadian-based forces.
When World War II began in 1939 there was a general mobilization and Mottu was called into the army.
Due to the developments, we call on the martyrs' brigade to join their predetermined posts, and we call for general mobilization in the ranks of Hezbollah,'' he said over the movement's television outlet.
General mobilization services and the capability to establish and operate facilities would also be provided in the scope of work.
Summary: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seems close to ordering a general mobilization of his country's military, and Republicans in the United States are preparing for a ferocious battle with President Barack Obama's administration, in the wake of the framework nuclear agreement with Iran.
What happened in Taiz and elsewhere is within the framework of our general mobilization," he added, referring to the group's capture of Taiz city on Sunday.
SANAA, March 21 (KUNA) -- The ruling armed Houthi rebels in Yemen issued a state of general mobilization on Saturday in response to bomb attacks by ISIL that killed over 140 of its people.

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