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58 per year if a $50 million general obligation bond were issued, $29.
The district could opt for a general obligation bond or a community facilities district, or perhaps some combination of the two, Pollock said.
Under the commission's plan, general obligation bond issues consistent with local charters could be approved by a majority vote.
One parent who spoke at a board meeting in January said he had concerns about paying Mello-Roos assessments as well as the property taxes through the general obligation bond.
In addition to the stable enrollment and positive financial performance and flexibility, the 'AAA' rating on the district's outstanding maintenance tax notes and general obligation bonds reflects DCCCD's growing tax base, extensive economy, and favorable direct general obligation debt ratios.
Bonds proceeds will be used to refund all or a portion of certain series of general obligation bonds previously issued by the County; refinance the cost of public works projects, including schools, previously financed with a portion of the County's outstanding Capital Outlay Extendible Municipal Commercial Paper Notes of 2005 Series A; and pay interest and remarketing costs on such portion of the 2005 Series A notes until retired.
2 million general obligation bonds and 'AA' rating on $183 million outstanding gross receipts tax (GRT) bonds.
9 million outstanding unlimited tax general obligation bonds at 'AAA';
Fitch also affirms the 'A-' rating on the district's $39 million outstanding general obligation bonds.
SAN FRANCISCO -- (This is an amended version of a release issued on Friday, July 28th and contains an updated amount for the general obligation bonds.
The MOA stated that Irwindale proposed to finance the stadium by issuing general obligation bonds.
General obligation bonds series 2003DA (refunded with new CUSIPs assigned);

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