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Craig Hodson-Walker, aged 29, was shot dead during the raid at the general store and Post Office he ran with his father Ken in Fairfield, near Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, on January 9.
He is gearing up to open the general store on a part-time basis in the fall.
Our 19 General Stores concessions have made encouraging sales over the last few weeks after some teething problems.
A very unique energy product, LiveWire MC2, LLC CEO Bill Hodson is excited about the addition of Casey's General Stores for distribution of the chews.
Spar opened its first concession within Woolworths General Stores on March 4 this year, two in the north west and one in Bournemouth.
CONTACT: Doug Shull of Casey's General Stores, Inc.
Woolworths revealed this week its Mainchain stores, including General Stores, had reported like-for-like sales down 3.
Booker is developing its relationship with Woolworths and has become the key supplier on grocery as well as beers wines and spirits to both its General Store and Big W formats.
Fears for the future of Woolworths' General Store were partially allayed by parent company Kingfisher as it emerged potential buyers of Superdrug could still supply the convenience chain after the sale.
17 /PRNewswire/ -- A class action lawsuit brought against Casey's General Stores, Inc.
Dollar General stores across the country will offer customers the opportunity to support Thanks and Giving through $1 donations, which can be made at the check-out counter.