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Now pick a generic point x in P [intersection] H, that is, a point that is not contained in a face of dimension at most d - 1.
ij], it can be seen that it is necessary to integrate a generic point from [x.
Rather than build a solution from scratch or buy an off-the-shelf generic point solution, uXcomm met our diverse requirements for customization and extensibility within a common, standards-based architecture.
Current state-of-the-art solutions in data presentation are geared more towards the monitoring of service levels from a generic point of view.
These are sophisticated consumers who have become jaded by generic points and perks.
In these materials from the session of January 2003, participants describe their developments in the technique for the group theory/logic interface, including a detailed survey of the sate of the art in the theory of formal language as it applies to groups, an expansion of the language metaphor in Lyndon's free length functions, A-free groups and tree-free groups, effective J8J decompositions, lifting solutions into generic points in algebraic geometry over free groups, and divisibility theory and complexity of algorithms for free partially commutative groups.

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