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In this regard, Pine Labs created cloud-based software that can be integrated with a generic point of sale (POS) terminal, allowing merchants to accept traditional electronic payment methods such as credit or debit card issued by any bank, as well as e-wallets, QR code payment solutions or other UPI-based solutions, on a single platform.
Moreover, we call such an element a generic point of the pentad (see [4, Definition 2.
The lateral face is [mathematical expression not reproducible] denote a generic point in the set [[bar.
ij], it can be seen that it is necessary to integrate a generic point from [x.
2) For a generic point [Rho] of E, take a prime element [Pi] of [O.
Rather than build a solution from scratch or buy an off-the-shelf generic point solution, uXcomm met our diverse requirements for customization and extensibility within a common, standards-based architecture.
And then the relations between such basic displacements and displacements at generic point within the cross section were established.
Y] is the generic point of some log canonical center of (X, [DELTA]) for every i > 0.
Now pick a generic point x in P [intersection] H, that is, a point that is not contained in a face of dimension at most d - 1.
0] drops and we show that for infinitely many Y the generic point p of [D.
Current state-of-the-art solutions in data presentation are geared more towards the monitoring of service levels from a generic point of view.
Generic points of the quadrangle are elements of the group, generic lines are left (or right--the choice does not change the isomorphism class of the geometry) cosets of the subgroups of type [E.

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