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auritus has not been achieved and attributed much of this due to historical genetic introgression with other Lepomis.
Each individual specimen must be sequenced for this region and potential problems arise when examining specimens of hybrid origin or taxa with extensive historical genetic introgression.
Therefore, before conservation in 1987, the Taoyuan pig ancestor genome likely experienced genetic introgression from the Berkshire breed.
A comparison of genetic diversity between cultured and wild populations, and a test for genetic introgression in the New Zealand greenshell mussel Perna canaliculus (Gmelin 1791).
Genetic introgression, however, has been found to extend much farther (Sattler et al.
Whereas genetic introgression of domesticated stocks with wild stocks cannot be completely eliminated, some control can be gained by limiting the collection and culture of domesticated stocks to geographic units defined by the genetic structure of wild stocks.
Although "speciation is completed when members of two diverged populations coexist in sympatry without interbreeding" (page 29), this restriction is relaxed in Darwin's finches, which interbreed at a low level between sister species and between less closely related species, and where genetic introgression contributes to ongoing adaptive change within a species.
However, if environmental conditions promoting extensive Swainson's Hawk x Red-tailed Hawk hybridization become common, genetic introgression may become an important conservation concern.