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auritus has not been achieved and attributed much of this due to historical genetic introgression with other Lepomis.
Genetic introgression within the Florida Panther Felis concolor coryi.
introgressed alleles) that persist into the next interflood period, we consider this unlikely given the fact that the narrow constriction at San Acacia constrains dispersal and resultant genetic introgression to extremely low levels during periods of contact (Smith et al.
This later Solicitor's opinion reasoned that "[n]ew biological information casts doubt on the validity of the absolute pronouncements relied upon in the [1977 opinion rejecting legal protections for hybrids] since in some cases genetic introgression between taxa is not only a naturally-occurring phenomenon but may also be a necessary recovery measure to avoid the loss of a seriously depleted tax-on.
Because no other pig's control region haplotype except Tunchang pig of Hainan Island was identical to the Taoyuan pig, or Lower Changjiang River Basin and Central China Type breeds, these data suggest that the control region haplotype of Tunchang pig originated in the Lower Changjiang River Basin and Central China Type pig breeds via genetic introgression.
However, additional studies are needed to determine whether distinct phenotypes are maintained possibly under genetic introgression between the 2 subspecies, or if phenotypes are maintained because introgression is limited or perhaps absent.
A comparison of genetic diversity between cultured and wild populations, and a test for genetic introgression in the New Zealand greenshell mussel Perna canaliculus (Gmelin 1791).
Non-native populations may affect indigenous species by competing for resources, preying on native fauna, significantly altering the habitat and its relationships, and bringing genetic introgression to native populations (Ribeiro et al.
I] Gene promoting homoeologous pairing from Triticum speltoides into common wheat and their utilization in alien genetic introgression.
A number of ecological and genetic factors will determine how easily seeds or pollen can migrate from one population to another, and whether hybridization and genetic introgression between the populations may occur.