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Furthermore, the Duroc genetic line has a stronger effect than Yorkshire and Landrace, indicating that breed differences might influence meat trait relationships.
ijk] = stem diameter of kth tree injth genetic line of ith genetic group,
Today's other three genetic lines arose later in parts of central Asia, Taberlet's group proposes.
This is not to say that creating new identities or reforming old ones, along genetic lines, is inherently dangerous, but it does seem like an adventure not to be undertaken lightly.
Yes there are many different strains of the infective agent and some genetic lines of sheep may not succumb to one strain but may be susceptible to another.
Another area to consider is the narrowing of genetic lines of livestock used in the U.
They paid too high a price for these birds that were not old enough to breed and had questionable genetic lines.
In the future, we can work with breeders and nurserymen to breed and select plants for genetic lines we know will respond to the vitamins.
Researchers Find Unexpected Abundance of Unique Maternal Genetic Lines for Paleo-Indian Groups Who First Populated American Continents
The ARS team will develop 1-gallon batches of bio-oil from the most promising oilseed candidates, and the UOP researchers will then assess the test fuels to determine which oilseed genetic lines produce oils with the most favorable traits for renewable jet fuel production.
In the past, we've always presented some of our best genetics for sale but at the same time, we've reserved strategic genetic lines that maintained our competitive edge, at shows and in the industry worldwide.