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The significances of IAW among the three stocking densities and genetic lines were tested using the chi-square test and the frequency procedure of SAS.
ijk] = stem diameter of kth tree injth genetic line of ith genetic group,
Today's other three genetic lines arose later in parts of central Asia, Taberlet's group proposes.
War degrades whole ecosystems, destroying not just homes and livelihoods, which can someday be replaced, but also irreplaceable cultural traditions and artifacts, unique habitats, and the genetic lines of the millions of individual animals killed.
The USDA scientists at Beltsville, Maryland selected genetic lines to produce boars and gilts with increasing or decreasing backfat thickness.
This is not to say that creating new identities or reforming old ones, along genetic lines, is inherently dangerous, but it does seem like an adventure not to be undertaken lightly.
Multiple genetic lines migrated in parallel, thus eroding, even further, out-moded concepts of `race'.
Yes there are many different strains of the infective agent and some genetic lines of sheep may not succumb to one strain but may be susceptible to another.
Another area to consider is the narrowing of genetic lines of livestock used in the U.
Analysis of variance was performed for each character in each experiment on the basis of a randomized complete block design for 1996 and 1997 experiments and a completely randomized design in 1998 experiments, considering the 10 genetic lines in each class as replications, with evaluations of main effects due to DLS and heat tolerance and their interactions.
Adaptive radiation along genetic lines of least resistance.