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MUTATION, French law. This term is synonymous with change, and is particularly applied to designate the change which takes place in the property of a thing in its transmission from one person to another; permutation therefore happens when, the owner of the thing sells, exchanges or gives it. It is nearly synonymous with transfer. (q.v.) Merl. Repert. h.t.

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Tm Bioscience's product pipeline includes tests for genetic mutations related to hematology, cystic fibrosis, toxicology and other debilitating genetic disorders.
By comparing genetic mutations in the genome to the occurrence of diseases or particular traits, correlation can be made between genes and specific diseases or traits.
The scientists weren't surprised that people's genetic mutations usually lump them into continental groups.
Albert de la Chapelle at the University of Helsinki, for genetic technology that may permit the detection of the genetic mutations associated with Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colon Cancer (HNPCC).
The carrier rate for the genetic mutations that cause Gaucher disease may be as high as one in 15 Jewish people of Eastern European ancestry, and one in 100 - 200 of the general population.
Unlike Wynn, Coolidge, and Klein, Ambrose contends that intergroup contact required only social innovations and not genetic mutations or brain changes.
Liu explained that TILLING is a genetic tool that makes it possible to develop seeds that have genetic mutations that can benefit consumers.
Since genetic mutations linked to the condition crop up in only about 15 percent of patients (SN: 5/26/01, p.
Plexxikon's strategy in oncology focuses on targeting cancers produced by specific genetic mutations or other aberrations which correlate to poorer patient outcome and survival.
Because the nanowires are so tiny, researchers could eventually pack millions of them onto a chip and rapidly test a blood sample for all the known genetic mutations in the human genome.
The paper reports the detection of single base genetic mutations on the company's carbon nanotube platform.
Analyses of several genetic mutations unique to the Alcedo tortoises suggest that those mutations appeared about 88,000 years ago.