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Genetic variability of French dairy breeds estimated from pedigree information.
Estimation of genetic variability based on agro-morphological traits may be misleading due to involvement of environmental component in the expression of such traits.
The importance of genetic diversity studies for plant breeding lies in the fact that crosses involving genetically divergent progenitors are most likely in producing genetic variability and heterotic effect.
Plant breeders are interested in wide genetic variability for the application of selective processes resulting in significant genetic gains (ALLABY et al.
2011) who provided evidence of high level of genetic variability in almost all populations and especially in insular population.
Genetic variability characters association and path coefficient analysis of quantitative traits on Virginia bunch varieties of groundnut.
Populations across the range of the vole show no differences in the amount of genetic variability.
Allozymes and microsatellites genetic variability parameters for two Drosophila maculifrons natural populations from Guarapuava/PR (Brazil).
17 Number of ancestor explaining 50% of genetic variability 12 17 12 10 4 75% of genetic variability 29 45 25 23 8 100% of genetic variability 186 373 125 157 37 CLA, Czech Landrace; CLWd, Czech Large White dam line; CLWs, Czech Large White sire line; DC, Duroc; PN, Pietrain.
Genetic variability within and among the different stocks was evaluated by RAPD to highlight the tasks necessary in the future for better hatchery management and species conservation.