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GENTLEMAN. In the English law, according to Sir Edward Coke, is one who bears a coat of armor. 2 Inst. 667. In the United States, this word is unknown to the law, but in many places it is applied, by courtesy, to all men. See Poth. Proc. Crim. sect. 1, App. Sec. 3.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The Dons have yet to meet either Larnaca or Gent in European competition.
Before last weekend's blank, Gent's first 15 matches of the campaign featured 57 goals at an average of 3.8 per game.
A quick-thinking motorist followed him, despite being threatened, and managed to take a picture of Gent which led to him being identified.
| 3* Rolex Daytona gent's watch with a white face and gold strap valued at PS12,000.
After last year's World Championship in Bergen where he was hardly seen in the lead, he dominated in the end.This time around, in the March 25 Gent Wevelgem race, Sagan was the first to sprint from the final group.
A young lady came looking a bit distressed, Had not realised they were closed, a fact missed, Heavily pregnant, in a rush and so, Asked my husband to look out so to the gents she could go.
Stung into action, Louis Robinson and Colby Agnama each scored within two minutes of the restart, followed by one more each from Robinson and Gent in the dying minutes of the game.
Gent started the second half much improved, pushing for an equaliser, but Draxler netted again in the 54th minute as he capitalised on one of many errant passes by the Gent defence.
Van Gent was included in the Indian coaching set- up after he signed a contract with the Sports Authority of India on Friday.
Before tonight's game in Belgium, the Gent mayor, police and fans joined the club in condemning the police's actions during the home side's 2-1 win.
Gent are still revelling in their first Belgian title win last season and with it automatic entry to the group stage of UEFA's elite tournament - and Gillespie, now 56, has been at the forefront of the celebrations.
Gent became agitated and told officers "they threatened to stab me if I didn't sell it".