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GENTLEWOMAN. This word is unknown to the law in the United States, and is but little used. In England. it was, formerly, a good addition of the state or degree of a woman. 2 Inst. 667.

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Through her wit, clever turn of phrases, and knowledge of poetry, Shonagon eventually moves from a confused place of marginalization to being told by a fellow gentlewoman that she "epitomizels] the sort of person who belongs in this court" (Shonagon 2006, 238, 168).
As Moll accumulates age and experience, she displays a growing fondness for gold trinkets which she possesses as marks of her nobility, marks that were acquired through ignoble acts of thievery: "when I looked into this Treasure, to think of the poor disconsolate Gentlewoman who had lost so much by the Fire besides .
The fading gentlewoman with a taste for liquor and men claims that her and Stella's family estate in Mississippi, Belle Reve (beautiful dream), has been "lost.
This is the true story of Anne Lister, a scholar, gentlewoman and coalminer, who kept coded diaries about her life which must have taken some deciphering.
However so, Crawford approaches her subject in the broadest of terms, using the term "secretary" to reference not only women who served officially as secretaries but also "bosom counselors," gentlewoman attendants, chambermaids, and handmaids (112).
Of course she wouldn't do it because, when it comes right down to it, she's a southern gentlewoman.
1) See Himani Bannerji, "Attired in Virtue: Discourse on Shame (lajja) and Clothing of the Gentlewoman (bhadramahila) in Colonial Bengal", in Inventing Subjects - Studies in Hegemony, Patriarchy and Colonialism (New Delhi: Tulika, 2001), pp.
1) This extended, would-be Homeric simile, in which Love itself, the intended subject, seems almost to drown under the torrent of comparisons, indicates the extraordinary geographies at work in this English-Irish novel--a novel which brings together for country balls in Clonmel, County Tipperary, not only the local Irish grandees (the gentlewoman Marinda among them), but also the daughter of a South American Indian priest, and a German Prince, along with the Williamite forces under his command.
She was a gentlewoman widow in her middle 30s living in London and Middlesex, the guardian of three underaged children, and was occupied with defending her own and her children's interests--especially her eldest son's inheritance.
The Music Lesson' is a scene of aristocratic music-making and 'The Lacemaker' features a young gentlewoman elegantly engaged in a pastime--neither depicts working people.