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While Dirks and Gentrys youngest daughter, Lori, drove to St.
Donte Gentry is stuck between the world he knew and loved and the one that has embraced him in the wake of the nation's biggest natural disaster.
The Gentrys were convicted in June 2000 of involuntary manslaughter, felony child abuse and conspiracy to commit child abuse in the death of their daughter.
LAKE LOS ANGELES - Michael Gentry, serving six years in prison for allowing his disabled daughter to starve to death, is appealing his conviction on grounds that the judge erred during his trial.
The minimum the Gentrys should have receive is 20 to 30 years.
The Gentrys were released on bail during their second trial, but were taken back into custody after the guilty verdict was returned.
Kathleen Gentry's lawyer, Lyle Middleton, said the Gentrys were so insistent on their innocence that they rejected a plea bargain that would have kept them out of jail if they had pleaded guilty to a child-abuse charge.
The Gentrys face up to four years in prison if convicted of involuntary manslaughter, child endangerment and conspiracy.
Defense attorneys plan to call the girl's pediatrician, neighbors and friends of the Gentrys and social workers, all of whom are expected to testify that they did not witness any abuse.
Since their arrest, the Gentrys have turned down three plea bargains offered by the district attorney and have maintained their innocence.
Several of the dozen or so friends and relatives of the Gentrys who attended the hearing gasped and smiled when the judge announced the reduced bail.
The Gentrys were tried on murder, child abuse and other charges during a six-week trial that ended last week in a mistrial in Van Nuys.