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The project is designed to collect CO2 generated from thermal power plants and factories, transport it by tankers and then send it into a geological layer at a depth of some 800-1,200 meters through a pipeline for containment by compressing the ''greenhouse'' gas.
During excavations that wound up last year, researchers discovered iron from a geological layer from before 1500 B.
Based on information gained from 13 boreholes, an attempt was made to determine the spatial distribution of shallow and deep geological layers (Fig.
Very small explosive bangs set off at the bottom of 20-30-foot-deep drill holes allows seismic energy (tiny artificial quakes) to travel through the subsurface geological layers, allowing researchers to gather information about these layers that cant easily be learned any other way.
Egypt will continue to be a major player in the oil sector", he added, stressing that there are new geological layers that contain untapped reserves in the Gulf of Suez, the Western Desert, the Nile Delta, and the east of the Mediterranean.
Curiosity has been studying geological layers of Mount Sharp, starting from the bottom, since 2014, following two years of productive work on the plains surrounding the mountains.
The Riyadh Marriott Hotel in the Diplomatic Quarters is a 5-star, fully-serviced hotel across 25,000m 2 , with the design inspired by the geological layers of Wadi Hanifa.
Jennings conducted excavations, studied the geology, and dated the geological layers to reconstruct how the cache was buried.
He stated that the depth of the geological layers to be explored is among the main obstacles faced by the company as such method needs special drilling platforms.
The plane will use six different sensors to survey parts of Lebanon's geological layers.

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