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Aside from a few small maps and an unprepossessing plaster of Paris model of the geological strata of the Fayoum Oasis, there was little information on hand.
Most recently academic writers have talked about various 'regime types' of welfare states (liberal, laborist, corporatist, social democratic, etc) treating these as geological strata are by geologists, or else, if they have an eye for politics, treating them as active volcanoes are treated by vulcanologists.
The area is also underlain by geological strata that have the potential to become significant areas of oil and natural gas production.
Ten million tonnes of carbon dioxide has been injected and stored in geological strata under the North Sea in the last decade alone and some industries have been capturing carbon dioxide for industrial purposes for decades.
By doing so, Aardsma posits that the vast majority of geological strata and fossils, including possibly even some human archeological remains, are part of our virtual history, albeit a virtual history reflective of a world inflicted by the curse.
Several key issues feature on the agenda, including seismic data analysis, heavy oils, the re-exploration of geological strata and geochemistry.
In the mountains beyond, it connotes not movement but geological strata.
For example, in the 19th century, society members fought "the Great Devonian Controversy" over competing interpretations of geological strata in Wales and England.

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