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YEOMAN. In the United States this word does not appear to have any very exact meaning. It is usually put as an addition to the names of parties in declarations and indictments. In England it signifies a free man who has land of the value of forty shillings a year. 2 Inst. 668; 2 Dall. 92.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Another manroland Geoman tower in Melbourne will be converted for heatset production and added to the Ballarat installation.
Manroland Geoman is a newspaper CMYK offset rotation, especially efficient while printing large and equable circulations, Broadsheet 450 x 300 mm format, paper role width 1200 mm, max speed of 38.500 pieces per hour on one tower.
Its MAN Geoman press consists of three full-color towers, four inline end-mounted reelstands, five formers (two pairs and a commercial former for webs up to 35 inches wide), a jaw folder with quarter-folding capability, and a stitcher.
The paper was able to start the new edition because in May it finished a new 64,000-square-foot production facility that included a new Geoman press from MAN Roland.
Before his current role, he also designed Journal Register Offset, which consolidated six printing facilities and features a 42-couple manroland Geoman press.
But, starting in 2004, the paper will leap into the 21st century when it begins running a new 42-couple, eight-web Geoman offset press from German press manufacturer MAN Roland.
In the mid-1990s, he oversaw the move to a new production plant -- the first to take a manroland Geoman offset color tower press into operation in the U.S.
The press at the group's Muskegon Chronicle was sold and the paper has been printed with The Grand Rapids Press on a manrold Geoman press in a plant in Walker since late last year.
In Omaha, the switch last year from half-century old letterpress presses to 18 new Geoman units from MAN Roland was driven by a need for more flexibility and more color capacity.
The Netherlands' NDC|VBK de uitgevers newspaper/book publishing group will equip a new six-tower ManRoland Geoman 70 press with a combined Jetstream web cleaner and Impact Global automatic blanket cleaning system made by Baldwin Technology of Shelton, Conn.