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Other designs included a white background with colorful concentric circles, and a geometric pattern in white, green, yellow and orange.
Tibetan styles also do well, Reynolds noted, especially a line of simple geometric patterns from Bashian that has a moderate price point and is, therefore, within the reach of a larger audience.
Christine Van Der Hurd debuted the handtufted Rhythm & Geometry collection, using soft, chalky colors in an array of geometric patterns.
by New York-based Roubini, the rugs include Ricamo, a group of solid-color cotton styles decorated with a multi-color border inset as well as overall geometric patterns in a variety of colorations from bold to pastel, such as Aswan and Karnak.
Details in the design and textures of the facility are inspired by the geometric patterns of traditional Navajo art.
Diversified geometric patterns were another main theme; MFTA displayed stripes while Lakatex capitalized on the continued interest in heraldic prints.
Five new floral and geometric patterns will be available in nylon construction in the Maples brand for discounters and chains.
I love to walk around the historic area of Lisbon and look at the beautiful tiles painted with forest scenes, exotic animals and flowers and intricate floral and geometric patterns.
Geometric patterns work superbly well within the current fashion for an Urban Luxe look.
Geometric patterns work well within the current fashion for an Urban Luxe look.
Works by Kazakh masters stand out geometric patterns of granulation, while Uzbek and Tajik masters are distinguished by the abundance of small parts and use of turquoise, coral, pearls and colored glass in a single piece.