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In adults, the most common anterior mediastinal neoplasms are thymomas, lymphomas, and germ cell tumors.
Trends in the incidence of testicular germ cell tumors in the United States.
Men with IGCNU have a 50% chance of developing a TGCT in 5 years, (51) and the current viewpoint is that eventually all patients will develop a germ cell tumor if the follow-up interval is sufficiently long.
Multicenter study of human immunodeficiency virus-related germ cell tumors.
Germinomas are the most common germ cell tumor, occurring most frequently before the second decade of life (70% between the ages of 10 and 21 years) and located in the pineal and suprasellar regions.
The patient's history included an orchiectomy that had been performed to treat a mixed germ cell tumor.
Extragonadal germ cell tumor in the retroperitoneum is rare.
In the histopathological evaluation of teratoma in adults and postpubertal children, 88% of patients have germ cell tumor at the same time.
Human germ cell tumors are considered to have an in utero origin, and androgens are required for progression of the transformed gonocyte (fetal germ cell) or carcinoma in situ (CIS) to a germ cell tumor in humans.
We recently encountered a male patient with mediastinal germ cell tumor who showed high serum LD activity and high LD1 isoenzyme activity.
The first patients in the registry include 17 survivors of lymphoma, 8 survivors of sarcoma, 5 survivors of Wilm's tumor, 4 survivors of neuroblastoma, and 1 survivor each of hepatoblastoma, ovarian germ cell tumor, yolk sac carcinoma, and Triton tumor.