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CELL. A small room in a prison. See Dungeon.

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Although our results demonstrated that beclin-1, as an autophagic marker, was expressed in both embryonic germ cells and newborn small oocytes, beclin-1 is dominant in newborn ovaries and it seems that it is the main cause of germ-cell loss.
However, approximately one-third of patients with extragonadal germ cell tumors have an increased risk of testicular CIS.
CRABP1, GDF10, and GREM1 genes of chicken germ cells adopted the bivalent H3 trimethylation chromatin pattern with presence of transcription's inhibition
Sycova-Mila et al., "Paclitaxel plus ifosfamide and cisplatin in second-line treatment of germ cell tumors: a phase II study," Neoplasma, vol.
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Appropriate culture system is a critical and essential step for successful differentiation of male germ cells. Co-culture with Sustentacular cells, gonadal stromal cells, Vero cells and enriched medium with Retinoic acid and testicular extraction are investigated as culture systems that can increase expression of male germ cell markers (Drusenheimer et al., 2006; Nayernia et al, 2006; Park et al, 2009; Zanganeh, Rastegar et al., 2013; Hou et al.).
We received a total of fifty-five cases of germ cell tumours during the study period of one year.
Development of somatic type malignancy from germ cell tumours is a rare event and its pathogenesis is still poorly understood.
The commonest tumor was germ cell tumors [101 (87.82%) cases], followed by six cases (5.22%) of NonHodgkin's lymphoma, five cases (4.34%) of mesenchymal tumors of testicular adnexa, two cases (1.73%) of sex cord-stromal tumors, and one case (0.87%) of adenomatoid tumor [Tables 1 and 2].
Considering the partly similar reaction of niche cells in response to either in vitro removal of SSCs using differential plating or in vivo elimination of SSCs using busulfan treatment (19,22), it could be suggested that removal of SSCs presented in the current research could serve as a model to study the events ensuing testicular germ cell damage and the mechanisms involved in regeneration of testicular germ cells afterwards.