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Effect of Fungicides on Spore Germination and Germ Tube Length
While, germ tube was an initial projection occurring when Candida morphologically switch from yeast to hyphal form (29).
Gram staining and germ tube test were found easy and reliable techniques for the identification of Candida spp.
Next, the whole content of each well was transferred to a sterile tube containing 100 [micro]l of human serum as inducer of germ tube formation.
Samaranayake, "The effect of brief exposure to sub-therapeutic concentrations of chlorhexidine gluconate on germ tube formation of oral Candida albicans and its relationship to post-antifungal effect", Oral Dis.
Under these conditions, germlings fail to grow beyond the germ tube state of development, due to rupture of hyphal tips and uncontrolled spillage of cytoplasm.
All consecutive non-duplicate Candida species isolated from March to September 2005 were identified using the germ tube test and a commercial identification kit (Auxacolor 2, Bio-Rad, France).