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Germ tube inhibition was analyzed in order to verify whether exposure to sub-lethal concentrations of ct-T reduced C.
The inhibition of germ tube formation by [alpha]-T was also studied.
6] heat-killed germ tube cells emulsified in Freund's incomplete adjuvant was administered subcutaneously 15 days following primary immunization.
An egg-laying hen was immunized with a mixture of heat-killed C albicans yeast cells and germ tubes.
Germ tube inhibition assays were performed according to the method previously described (Pinto et al.
Hyphae result from the germination of blastospores and are characterized by parallel walls at the point of germ tube emergence, absence of constrictions, and the development of true septa (Vale-Silva et al.
Inhibition of serum induced germ tube formation in C.
Inhibition of induced germ tube formation and cell cycle arrest by terpenoids
albicans in producing both germ tubes and chlamydospores, has since been recovered from the oral washings of approximately 25% of 94 HIV-positive Irish patients with or without AIDS and 3% of 150 HIV-negative Irish persons (3,4), which suggests that this species belongs to the indigenous microflora of the oral cavity, albeit in a minority of healthy persons.
A drop of the suspension placed between slide and coverslip and a microscope lens and the creation of germ tubes was investigated.