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GERMAN, relations, germanus. Whole or entire, as respects genealogy or descent; thus, "brother-german," denotes one who is brother both by the father and mother's side cousins-germane" those in the first and nearest degree, i. e., children of brothers or sisters. Tech. Dict.; 4 M. & C. 56.

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For an early Germanist such as Friedrich von der Hagen, who assumed an academic position in Berlin in 1810 and then in Breslau in 1812, the canonical text appears as the repository of national virtues (Guillory 22).
In the first ethnogenetic studies, recurring references to Germanist Aryan theories clearly show how the Soviet discourse on autochthonism developed in response to German ideas but with reliance on the same kinds of arguments.
All of Quispel's views and specific examples have met with critical debate, the sharpest being that with the Germanist Willy Krogmann over alleged Diatessaric readings in the poem.
Now under the more politically correct title Heroes and Heroism in German Culture ('the word "heroine" came in for criticism at the Workshop itself as potentially sexist'), they are collected here in a volume published in honour of Jost Hermand, the noted US (German) Germanist, who has taught for some three decades at what has been called, for obvious reasons of political commitment, 'Wisconsin an der Oder'.
Der Leipziger Germanist Dieter Burdorf legt hier eine padagogisch geschickt und innovativ gestaltete Einfuhrung vor, die um ca.
Flood, a Germanist and book historian, details the spread of printing from major cities to small towns, especially those that were homes to universities.
Finzsch's evocation of Gerhard Oestreich along with Foucault and Elias will be particularly helpful to social historians of Europe and America in the United States, since Oestreich's concept of "social discipline" opens a path of interpretation that has heretofore been confined largely to Germanist scholarship.
The Harvard Germanist Kuno Francke apparently is given the name of the Heidelberg philosopher Kuno Fischer.
I think of the IVG meetings in which I participated in G6ttingen and Tokyo, and how many Germanists and Germanist feminists I met from non-German countries.
These two contributions facilitated reading the poems selected for inclusion, "Victoria" and "Otro poema conjetural," since for a nonexpert like myself, a Germanist by trade, they established the proper mindset to comprehend Fernadez Retamar's allusions to Marti, Che, and others.
Thus the discourse of the 'struggle for existence' was rapidly transferred from biology to politics to explain Austria's defeat in 1866 by a Prussia which shortly afterwards became the centre of a united Imperial Germany; and the Germanist Wilhelm Scherer, who was professor at Vienna from 1869 to 1873, was inspired by Darwin in trying to transform philology into a causal and developmen tal study of national literature.