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GERMAN, relations, germanus. Whole or entire, as respects genealogy or descent; thus, "brother-german," denotes one who is brother both by the father and mother's side cousins-germane" those in the first and nearest degree, i. e., children of brothers or sisters. Tech. Dict.; 4 M. & C. 56.

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She comes to a similar conclusion as Elsaesser regarding the usefulness of representations of "hybridity," producing research that confirms critiques of the concept by Leslie Adelson (a Germanist focused on migration literature in Germany).
It can be profitably read by Germanists and all students of popular and youth culture.
It provides not only Germanists, but Arthurian scholars in general, with a welcome overview of this central text, its history, its interpretation, and its reception.
Very few (if any) scholars or critics, including Germanists, will be able to answer this question.
Nonetheless, this text is a welcome and innovative appraisal of marital status as a new social category of analysis, and will no doubt spark fresh debate among gender historians, Germanists, and generalists alike.
6) This is perhaps symptomatic of a certain slowness on the part of Germanists to take advantage of the significant and valuable progress which has been made over the past fifteen years or so by those of their Romanist colleagues who have worked on the Old French Vie.
It is to be hoped that as public awareness of (and debate over) the presence in Germany of immigrants and subsequent minority groups expands, Germans will come to accept Germany as a country of immigration, and Germanists will come to accept those groups' writing as part of German literature.