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Obtained results of uniform seeds germination rate of sainfoin populations and varieties are consistent with the results of other researchers (Stevovic et al.
The germination energy (GE) was determined at the 15th day and the germination rate (GR) calculated on the 23th day (Gesch et al.
2011), differing from the data of the present research, since the storage of rambutan seeds at low temperature can led to a considerable decrease in the germination rate.
There is a significant negative correlation between seed germination rate and distance from an established conspecific orchid ([R.
I began my veggie garden with carrots, cauliflowers, cucumbers, eggplants, lettuce, and tomatoes—and achieved over 90% germination rates," a third customer added.
All of the methods assume that the germination rate increases linearly with temperature between the lower threshold (Tb) and the optimum temperature (To).
The germination rate was log-transformed and germination percentages were arcsine-transformed to meet the assumptions of ANOVA.
Figure 1--Germination (A) and germination rate (GR) (B) of Melanoxylon brauna seeds at 10, 25, 30 and 40[degrees]C.
The reduction of the germination rate in accordance with the increase in the number of holes, showed that the larval density have a negative effect upon germination capacity of V.
Balancing maximum germination rates and the seedlings' ability to survive is why plantings come with recommended planting depths.
2011), germination rate is higher in light than in darkness (Socolowski & Takaki 2007).
Specific topics include heterogeneous nucleation on a completely wettable substrate, determining surface free energy at the nanoscale with atomic force microscopy without altering the original morphology, cold radiofrequency plasma modification of the wettability and germination rate of plant seeds, the effect on contact angle of the plasma deposition of zinc oxide thin films on sugar maple, and the interaction of surface free energy and wettability on the friction coefficient between tire and road surface in wet conditions.