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5 mg/l of GA3 presented the highest germination percentage (G%= 54%) and the best germination rate (GR= 0.
We can put forward the hypothesis that the germination rate depends on the degree of embryo development at the time of maturation.
Tables 1 and 2 present the mean germination rates, GSI and biometry of the shoots and primary roots of the receptor species when exposed to extracts of E.
There was also a genotype effect and a habitat effect on seed germination (Table 1), where germination rate was lower in general in the degraded-forest habitat.
In the very near future, Funk Seeds will offer a rather unique service to their grower customers--aerial details of germination rates, weed and insect pressures, disease problems and the like.
After the termination of germination term, below indexes were measured in both drought and salinity conditions: germination rate, germination percentage, mean time to germination, normal seedling percentage, duration to 5 [D05], 10 [D10], 20 [D20] percent germination rootled and shoot length, the seed vigor and the dry weight of seedling was measured, and in a larger amount were sowed in tray proline index was conducted based on Bates et al methods [5].
Various researchers have shown that drought stress increases the mean time to germination which could be due to the decrease of water absorption and germination rate [1, 22].
al have shown that germination rate in comparison with other characteristics indicated more intensity for erosion and it has been appeared different exhaustion between masses.
Most of the increase in speed of germination and germination rate (less over time) is, And what is certain The presence of 3 or 4 live plants of two weeds sorghum and Artemisia annua or sorghumplant residue root and two Artemisia annua plants caused severe damage and had a tangible effect on Sorghum bicolor germination percentage and speed (3).
G = germination percentage, n = amount of germination seeds, N = amount of the seeds in each petri dish, Also, germination rate was measured according to equation of [2]:
Stratification is a standard way to enhance the germination rate in some dormant seeds.