get ready

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She never starts to get ready for luncheon till the last minute." Clatter, clatter!
Let HIM get ready for HIS fate, when that comes about.
Katy is prepping her body for motherhood, altering her professional responsibilities to get ready to have a baby!
The study also found Edinburgh women take longest to get ready. We asked three girls how long they REALLY spend preparing for the weekend, in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen Choosing an outfit slows me down FULL-TIME mum Sian said: "I think girls from Glasgow tend to be quite glam, so I'd imagine they'd spend more time getting ready than in other cities.
It's the only reason why I take breaks throughout the year, because I set out certain goals throughout the year and try to get ready. Since I was not able to get ready for the Major championship season last year, I kind of spent a lot of my energy getting ready for those three events, and it turned out to be pretty good."
"It takes me an hour-and-a-half to get ready for a red carpet event.
2 : something done to make or get ready <Preparations for the move are underway.>