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But whatever he chooses it will be worth hearing because he's got the gift of the gab which any manager needs.
The only reason they survive is because they have the gift of the gab.
DISC Jockey Terry Wogan could be losing the gift of the gab.
MPs only have to have the gift of the gab, the ability to stretch the truth through misleading statistics and, in some cases, the nerve to tell outright lies.
Prosecutor Richard Bennett said: "Richards was the main man, the talker, the one with the gift of the gab, cold-calling victims, engaging them in conversation and trapping them, one after another.
Dale Simpson, of Newsham Park, parted with pounds 25 - and ended up with a watch worth around pounds 5: 'They use the gift of the gab.
The second part of the Henry Smart trilogy sees the handsome Celt with the gift of the gab meeting legendary jazzman Louis Armstrong and rubbing shoulders with gangsters such as Al Capone.
Both facts and interpretation must be taken into account, otherwise the result is a false assessment, a lowering of standards, and an even greater number of people with the gift of the gab and nothing else.
Malcolm Turner had only the gift of the gab when he went into community radio.
Why don't they just realiseLiverpool is the obvious and natural home for our seat ofgovernment, given our gift of the gab.
All I can say in her favour, like a number of politicians, she certainly has the gift of the gab.
Then acquire the gift of the gab by kissing the Blarney Stone in Ireland's County Cork.